Regional Leagues

17 October, 2010

Strategic Vision and Action Plan 2010-2015


Upcoming Meetings between the Officers of the County Competitions Control Committee and Junior Divisional Executive committees will focus on the following items arising in the Plan:

(1) County Junior ‘B’ Championships

These Championships be organised on a County-wide Open Draw in 2011. The pilot will then be reviewed by Players, Coaches and Administrators.

(2) Regional Leagues

County-wide Leagues in Junior ‘A’ and ‘B’ Grades will be organised on a Four Regions basis for a minimum period of two years 2011/2012. Regional Winners will play in County Semi-Finals/Final.

These Competitions in the Four Regions will be administered by Officers of the existing Divisions that will be involved in each Region.

The Semi-Finals and Finals will be administered by County Competitions Control Committee.

The establishment of the Four Regions and the structures of the competitions will be determined following a consultation process between the County Committee and Divisional Committee Officers.

(3) Divisional Teams Participating in the County Senior Championships

It is proposed that a consultation process be undertaken by the County C.C.C. with representatives of the Divisional Committees during 2010 to review the participation of Divisional Teams in the County Senior Championships.

(4) The new Coiste na nÓg to have responsibility for all Minor Competitions.

In relation to the above items:

County Junior ‘B’ Championships

Divisional Committees to list Clubs they considered qualified in Hurling and Football.

Regional Leagues

- Their main object is to provide more varied and attractive Competition for Clubs/Players.

- The Leagues are to be organised/administered by Officers (3) of each of the two Divisions that will form each Region.

- Each Sub-Committee will do its own grading.

- Each Sub-Committee will, in consultation with their Clubs, determine the League Sections, with emphasis on not having too long travel distances.

- These Sub-Committees will have control of the Fixtures and Disciplinary matters arising (subject to the existing Hearing Committees).

- Finance arising from Gates will remain within the Division in which the games are played, unless otherwise agreed by the two Divisions concerned.

- Trophies to be awarded will be determined by the Sub-Committee.

- The Winners of the Regional Leagues will qualify for County Semi-Finals/Finals to be administered by the County C.C.C..

- These Regional Leagues are to run for a minimum of two years on an experimental basis.

- Divisional Leagues in ‘A’ and ‘B’ Grades will not be run in the period, but all other existing Junior and Under 21 Competitions will continue under the Divisional Committees.

- Any other issues Divisional Committees have, may be aired and discussed at the Meetings.

Divisional Teams in County Senior Championships.

This consultation process is to obtain the views of the respective Divisional Committees on their participation. There is no proposal for immediate change and traditions will be respected.

Minor Competitions

Current Minor Competitions under County Minor Board and Divisional Committees will be transferred in their entirety to Coiste na nÓg and its Regional Sub-Committees.