Leagues - Promotion/Relegation

03 October, 2010

As our League programme concludes today, clubs are reminded of the following rules in relation to qualification for finals and relegation:

Rule 6.22 (6.37) Official Guide 2010:

(c) Where Teams finish with equal points for
Qualification for the Concluding Stages, or
for Promotion or Relegation, the tie shall be
decided by the following means and in the
order specified:
(i) Where two Teams only are involved - the
outcome of the meeting of the two Teams
in the previous game in the Competition;
(ii) Scoring Difference (subtracting the total
Scores Against from total Scores For);
(iii) Highest Total Score For;
(iv) A Play-Off

Exceptions to (c):
(1) In relation to means (ii) and (iii) above,
if the accumulated scores of a team, so
involved, are affected by a disqualification,
loss of game on a proven objection,
retirement or walk over, the tie shall be
decided by a Play-Off.