Update Match Day Tickets

18 July, 2020

"In light of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, it is advisable that all club championship matches should be All-Ticket games. This allows 100% of tickets to be purchased away from grounds and separately allows for a controlled arrival of matchday supporters without the need to collect cash at the stiles.


Maximum per Grounds = 200 up to 10.8.2020

Team Panels & Selectors (32 each) = 64

First Aid (1 per team as no Physio allowed) = 2

Referee & Staff = 7

Club Officers each Team (5 each) = 10

Stewarding (3 gates, 2 Sidelines, 3 Covid & Misc.) = 8

Press = 2

East Cork Board = 2

Miscellaneous = 5

Total Ticket Requirements = 100


Tickets for sale = 100

Each Club will receive 40 passes for team and officials and 50 tickets to sell.

The East Cork Board always encouraged children to attend our matches and have never been charged but due to the

All ticket games no ONE WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A TICKET that has been pre purchased at the cost of €5.

We thank you for your cooperation.

All outdoor gatherings are subject to relevant restrictions and medical advice.