Killeagh GAA Club

21 April, 2020



While we are locked down, we are going to look back at some good days for the Killeagh GAA Club in the past few years. First up is Seamus Considine who reminisces the day he brought his Under 12 team up to Croke Park back in 2007. Here is Seamus telling us his memories from that special day. 

Three years ago - 19th April 2017, the Killeagh-Itas U12s were invited to play in Croke Park. I will never forget how excited the boys and their parents were leading up to it......  some couldn't even sleep for the previous few nights as they were so excited! It was the first trip to Croke Park for so many of the parents and their children and it was a day not to be forgotten quickly. In light of recent events, I thought it would be nice to remember that which we took for granted and look forward to the future when we can all re-unite and play our beloved games again. Please enjoy the photos and report of that special day: 

U12 Trip to Croker. The day was here – Wednesday April 19th 2017 – a day that will go down in the Killeagh-Ita’s GAA history books, with the U12 team being the first U12 team to play in Croke Park. The lads had trained hard for this day under the watchful eye of Mick Byrne who unfortunately could not travel with us. With the hurleys, jerseys, sliotars, sandwiches, parents, boys and mentors all packed and ready to go we pulled out of Killeagh GAA grounds at 7:33am in Fogarty’s bus, in the safe hands of Mick, our driver for the day.  

We were half an hour into the journey when it started; are we there yet? A quick pit stop at junction 14 and we were back on the road for Croker. There was plenty of discussion between the mentors on team selection and finally the tactics were sorted. Then a roar went up: “there it is” – that was one of the parents when he saw the Guinness brewery!! The lads were on the edge of their seats, waiting, watching for it to come into sight. Then we were there......the singing started and we were raring to go. The buzz was electric as it was the first time in Croke Park for many of the boys and their parents. The look on their faces was something else! The gear was on, the photos were taken and they were off.  

Our first game was against Ballyduff, Co Waterford. Did our lads take a while to get into the game? By God no ...... they hit the ground running – the Holy Grail was on fire! The second game was against Askeaton, Co Limerick and the final game was against Clonoulty Rossmore, Co Tipperary. There were great goals and points scored from the team but one point stands out – when Pierce Geary scored near the end of the third match, he jumped three or four feet off the ground, punching the air with joy. That summed up the excitement felt by all on the day. The boys got stuck in - hooking, blocking, even kicking and putting everything on the line to win. And win they did – winning all three games! As the saying goes- they played out of their skin. Dylan McCarthy, who is a huge part of this team, unfortunately broke his hand the previous weekend and couldn't take part, but to his credit, and in keeping with the spirit of this U-12 team, he did travel and tog out with the rest of them. As mentors, we were very proud to see these boys take to the field and even more so when they won all their games.  

After Croke Park, we headed for the Japanese Gardens and National Stud Farm and then we were off for dinner and home. A quick summary of the day is that these lads wore the Killeagh-Ita’s jersey with pride and honour and we were so proud of them. A great day was had by all and thanks to Tommy, Tom, Declan, Mick, David and to all the parents who continue to give so much support to the team and to us. I hope this day will inspire the boys and their parents to continue to support the Killeagh-Ita’s club and its teams long into the future.  

The panel were: Ruairi Mackey, Dylan McCarthy, Pierce Geary, Liam Considine, Eoin Kelly, Diarmuid Buckley, Jack O'Connor, Sean O'Riordan, Darragh O'Brien, Martin Power, Jason Harte, Daniel Griffin, Colm Leahy, Conor Burns, Sean Meade, Michael Doherty, Harry Connon, Jamie Hyde, Liam Og Power, Fionn Murphy, Ben Walsh, Ethan O'Driscoll and Barry Walsh. 

Thanks to Seamus for this. Of course, we know what happened in 2019 when this group went on to win Division 6 of the National Féile na nGael Hurling competition that took place in Cork. We have an eye on this group over the coming years, hopefully more silverware to fill up that cabinet! 

If you want to share some great memories you have enjoyed being a player, mentor or supporter of Killeagh GAA Club, why not share them with our fellow members. Please send your favourite memories to the PRO at before next Sunday evening to be included in next week’s notes. 




Over the past couple of weeks, Killeagh GAA Club have been running Fun GAA quizzes for the members on the club text which have been thoroughly enjoyable by all and testing everybody’s knowledge of local & national GAA. 

After nine rounds of 20 questions each (which did include some Extra Time...), the winners were Junior Scully & O’Rourke Family who amassed a huge 172 corrects answers out of a possible 180 questions. Among the rules, club members were asked not to look up online via the internet, therefore one cute member went ringing around for the answers. Junior, you’re a mighty man for the running around the rules!!  

Anyways for their hard efforts over the last few weeks, they have won..... a lovely..... three week holiday in the beautiful, scenic…... Ballykilty!!! And we will also throw in a €50 voucher for the Club Shop when it reopens.  

Well done to everyone who took time to try the questions at home, whether or not you submitted answer for corrections. To place on the record, our thanks and gratitude towards Damien Irwin & Colm Crowley for setting some challenging and very interesting questions. Thanks again everyone for taking part. 

Here, we are going to share with questions with you that were in the quiz over the last few weeks. Test yourself before checking out the answers which will be added at the end of these notes.  


Q1. Who did Killeagh beat in the 2001 County Intermediate Hurling final? 

Q2. Glenbower Rovers won 4 East Cork Junior Football titles in the last decade. Name the last year when they won the last one?  

Q3. Mark Landers & Joe Deane were members of the winning All Ireland Hurling Cork team in 1999, who was the 3rd Killeagh man on the panel? 

Q4. Who was the Killeagh goalkeeper who broke the crossbar in Ballynoe in 1988? 

Q5. Which former Inch Ladies footballer is a current Irish Rugby international & made her full international debut in this year’s Six Nations? 

Q6. Who did the Killeagh Senior Camogie team get beaten by in the 2019 Cork Senior Camogie Championship semi final? 

Q7. Name the Killeagh-Itas mentor who is currently a Cork Minor Hurling Selector? 

Q8. How many All Stars did Joe Deane win? 

Q9. Ryan McCarthy’s father won multiple All Ireland 100 metre titles? Name him? 

Q10. Both Seán & Colm Crowley are currently serving as GDAs in Cork but also served as GDA’s in what other Leinster County? 

Q11. Who was the last Killeagh-Itas player to start for the Cork Minor Hurlers in the Munster Championship? 

Q12. What colour jerseys did Cork wear before they wore Red? 

Q13. In the 1999 All Ireland Hurling final, who scored the first point of the game? 

Q14. How many All Ireland (Camogie & Ladies Football) senior titles has Angela Walsh won? 

Q15. Which current Cork Hurler other than Seamus Harnedy has a mother from the Killeagh Parish? 

Q16. Cork Dual star Briege Corkery got into trouble for wearing a branded headband in the 2006 All Ireland quarter final? Name the brand that was on the Headband? 

Q17. In what year did the 1st Killeagh GAA Poc Fada take place? 

Q18. Who is the last Killeagh player to play in both the Fitzgibbon & Sigerson Cups? 

Q19. What Killeagh club mentor played Minor hurling for Laois?  

Q20. Who captained the Killeagh-Itas Minor Hurling team to win the County Final in 2006? 


Best of Luck and enjoy!! Don’t cheat!! 



With the shutdown continuing until May 4th at earliest, we at Páirc Uí Chinnéide remain closed as do Headquarters in Croke Park still remain closed which means that no GAA, Camogie or LGFA activities shall take place for the foreseeable future. We ask all members of the public to respect this instruction. Through these times, please take note of the following points that should be noted by all members; 

1. All training, matches and team gatherings remain suspended until May 5th at earliest. 

2. A directive from Croke Park states that "Club gyms are to be closed and access suspended". Therefore, our Gym will be closed until further notice. Please respect this directive. 

3. To minimise the risk of the Coronavirus spreading, our club shop will remain closed until May. 

4. Please follow all guidelines issued to the public by Government and HSE and especially those on hand washing, hygiene and social distancing both indoors and outdoors.  

5. Our walkway & all facilities at Páirc Uí Chinnéide are currently closed, we would ask members to adhere to this directive from GAA HQ. 

6. Please offer appropriate support to your neighbours, elderly people & those at risk in our community - checking in with a regular phone call is a good way to do this or helping them by purchasing their shopping during the week. 

For more information on HSE Guidelines, please check out the posters below. For more local information, please keep in touch with our Social Media or contact any club member. 

Ní neart go cur le chéile!  

Go raibh milé maith agaibh! 



Rebel Óg Coaching during the past week were hosting online camps on YouTube for both our younger players as well as our Adult players. Log onto the Rebel Óg YouTube channel and subscribe or follow the link below.  

Coaching sessions have been recorded for later viewing. Parents should encourage their children to keep practicing both Hurling & Football skills which will be vital for years to come. 

For the children to keep them entertained, the GAA have added a number of activities to their website that can keep children entertained at home. They are available here; 



Cork County Board released a statement on their meeting on March 17th;  

“The Executive of Cork County Board met via video-conference on March 17th and, primarily with regard to the safety of our members and of the wider community, has decided to postpone the all first round games in the Premier Senior, Senior A, Premier Intermediate, Intermediate A and Lower Intermediate Championships in both football and hurling, as well as the County stages of the U21 football competitions and the County Junior B & C competitions. 

These first round club championship games had been scheduled across the four weekends in April and the first two weekends in May, but are now postponed en bloc. 

All other games and activities, including those under the jurisdiction of Rebel Óg, remain suspended as per GAA directive and advice from the HSE / Department of Health. This will continue until we are directed otherwise. 

The scheduling and format of the County Championships for 2020 is now subject to review with a Special Congress taking place this Friday and further consultation to take place with Munster Council, the National Competitions Control Committee and our Clubs. 

Club league regulations and completion dates will also be reviewed once a resumption of activities is confirmed. 

The offices at Páirc Uí Chaoimh will be closed until such time as current restrictions are lifted. County Board staff will work remotely and are contactable by email or via the office phone as normal. The office phone (021-4963311) has been diverted to a staff member’s phone and will be answered during office hours. 

We can also confirm that Páirc Uí Chaoimh has been made available to the HSE, who are considering possible uses for the stadium and we hereby wish to acknowledge the efforts that our club units have already undertaken in assisting local health services and in assisting vulnerable people in our communities at this difficult time. 

The County Board meeting scheduled for April 7th has been cancelled. The Executive and CCC will continue to meet regularly via video-conference and will provide a report to clubs by email after all meetings. 

Once again, we urge all our members to adhere to directives from the GAA, the HSE and the Department of Health during the current pandemic. 

Ní neart go chur le chéile. 

Le meas, 

Kevin O'Donovan, Secretary / CEO, Cork GAA, 

Tracey Kennedy, Chairperson, Cork GAA. 



Last Friday, the remote Congress took place online over a two hour period. It was called for by the Ard Chomhairle to re-jig the competitions for 2020. The motion which was about giving power to the Management Committee to re-organise the GAA calendar for the 2020 season was passed unanimously. We should be hearing what could be happening for the season over the next few weeks. We will keep you up to speed. More importantly, let us stay safe for the next few weeks. 



The 'Club Together' initiative in association with Centra and Super Valu continues this week. A freephone 1800 number for people to use from Cork County Council 1800 80Council 1800 805 819 with the lines open from 8AM to 8PM seven days a week. In the absence of the number, and even when it is in use, people in our community can make direct contact from today with Ray Rochford on 087-2330054 to request help with shopping or other necessary support.  

Ray will link volunteers with those requiring help in their own local area to limit travel & to keep a personal connection with people you know. Please don't hesitate to ask for help, we have many volunteers ready to assist. Please spread the word which is supported by the Killeagh-Inch COVID-19 Action Group. 



We are a voluntary support group that have come together to help in the Killeagh/Inch area. Our purpose is to help any individual/ family in the area who can’t leave their home for any reason to access things like shops, pharmacies or even to walk your dog. 

It doesn’t matter to us if you are: self-isolating, have the virus or are just afraid to go out under these circumstances – it is none of our business! We will be taking our own precautions to protect ourselves and you. 

Once your shopping is done, if you know anyone on the list and would prefer them to deliver your shopping that can be requested too and we will do our best to accommodate that where possible. 

Items will be dropped off at a point outside your home as agreed by you and the contact person. AT NO POINT WILL ANYONE ENTER YOUR HOME AND SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL APPLY AT ALL TIMES (2 METRES). RING TOO IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO CHAT TO SOMEONE. 


PARISH PHONE (087) 7088601    Fr. Tim (087)1337164   Colman Motherway (085)7540973 

Mary Smiddy (087) 2561133 

List of volunteers at time of print (new volunteers always welcome, contact (087) 2561133 

Siobhán Aherne; Ger Collins; Mary Collins (Burgess); Mary Collins (Drishane); Monica Daly; Fidelma Delaney; Mike Fitzgerald; Mary Fitzgibbon; Kevin Galvin; Noreen Ingamells; Lorraine McCarthy; Mary McCarthy; Denis Mc. Donald; Pádraig McGrath; James Maunsell; J.P. Murphy; Orla Morrison; Colman Motherway; Sinéad O’Donovan;Kevin O’ Driscoll; Philip O’ Neill; Rita Scannell; Liz Sinclair; Ger Scully; Kieran Scully; Mary Smiddy; Tricia Treacy 

Emergency Numbers to keep close to hand: 

Doctor’s number:                                 (fill in your own GP) 

Youghal Gardaí: (024) 92200 

Killeagh Gardaí: (024) 95112 

HSE National Covid-19 helpline number: 1850- 24 -1850 

Senior Line: 1800-80- 45-91 

Alone also offer Covid 19 Advice 0818-222-024 

Samaritans: 116123 

St. Vincent de Paul Confidential line: (086) 2113588 

Emergency Numbers: 112 or 999 

Your Eircode number                          (if you don’t know this number contact us with your address and we will get it for you) 




The Killeagh GAA Lotto Jackpot is one thing that can continue... 

The latest club draw took place on Tuesday 14th of April. This week’s Lotto Jackpot was €5,800. The numbers drawn on the night were 10, 15 20 & 23. We had no winner of this week’s jackpot. The €30 Lucky Dip winners drawn were Mary Rochford & Cian Fogarty, while the €30 voucher for Uncles Sam’s was won by Eileen O’Callaghan & the €30 voucher for Tom Kelly’s Butcher went to Arthur Murphy. Well done to all!  

Please note, for the foreseeable future the Killeagh GAA Lotto will be an ONLINE LOTTO ONLY until further notice. If you do wish to enter the draw, you can buy tickets online today at Next week's Jackpot is a chunky €6,000 which could be handy for post Covid-19 holiday! 

We appreciate that many regular supporters may not be able to continue their weekly support given the changed economic climate, but we also know many people would like to continue to support, even €2 per week, while we also have about 200 Yearly & Supporters Club members to consider who have paid in advance for a Weekly Draw.  
If there are any queries regarding the Lotto, please contact your regular Lotto seller or Colman on 085-7540973 or Michael on 086-2202493. Thanks again for your support. 



For 2020, if you are looking to book the pitch or indoor hall for ANY training sessions or matches, please contact the Chairperson or PRO this week regarding such to be booked onto the online system. There is no diary in for the hall bookings. Pitches can be block booked for various reasons and need to be checked with committee before being trained on. No match or training may take place without the essential booking! You can also check bookings on the screen monitor in the clubhouse. 



In keeping with GUI & ILGU guidelines, all golf clubs have been recommended to close to coincide with the Government recommendations. 

Therefore, our Tuesday outing to Castlemartyr Golf Club, our rescheduled day out to West Waterford Golf Club for the Margaret Rochford & Tom Fitzgibbon Charity Day has been fixed for later in the year & our first Golfer of the Year outing to Youghal Golf Club has also been postponed until further notice. 

However, with some positive news, our weekend away to Druids Glen will take place at the end of July. Please book now if you are interested in attending. For more information, please contact Society Captain Pádraig McGrath or Treasurer Tim Crotty. 

If you are interested in joining the Killeagh GAA Golf Society for their variety of trips away for 2020, give Ray Rochford a call on 087-2330054. 



The 2019/20 Cork Clubs draw for March & April have been postponed until further notice due to the Government guidelines.  

If you missed your chance in joining the opening draws, do not worry, you can join at any time. Don’t forget, approximately 45% of your ticket comes back to Killeagh GAA. If you are interested in joining the draw, please contact our Cork GAA Clubs Co-ordinator Dave Barry on 087-8123352 or any committee member. 



One of the aspects of the Healthy Clubs Initiative in Killeagh is our walking group. The walks vary hugely and are suitable for all fitness levels. We have had some great family outings including walking the Atlantic Pond (Mahon, Cork), Glenbower Woods, Beach walks and more recently Spike Island. Lots of the walks are local and we have had very pleasant trips to Lismore, Knockadoon Cliff Walk and a historic walk of Cork City followed by breakfast.  


The following are the planned walks for the year; 

Killeagh-Ita's Healthy Clubs Project Monthly Walks 2020 Schedule: 

No. 52/53 Saturday May 16th & Sunday May 17th West Cork Walks 

No. 54 Sunday June 14th Galtybeg & Galtymore 

No. 55 Sunday July 19th Gougane Barra 

No. 56 Sunday August 23rd Inch, Rath Fort, Ardagh, Park 

No. 57 Saturday September 26th Carruntoohill 

No. 58 Sunday October 18th Comeragh Trail, Co. Waterford  

No. 59 Sunday November 15th Cobh Town Walk 

No. 60 Sunday December 13th Youghal Estuary Walk. 

Details for all walks to follow but we hope these dates won't change. Hope to see you for some or all of these walks. So, if you have any new ideas, or know someone who might be interested in joining us, new members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining, please contact Liz Sinclair 087-6137393! Spread the Word! 



Remember, stay tuned to our social media channels on Facebook ‘Killeagh GAA’ or Twitter @KilleaghGAA for further up to date information on club on-goings. For live scoring, download the Whats The Scór app and ‘like’ the Killeagh GAA page. 



1. Mallow 2. 2014 3. Bernard Rochford 4. Adrian Budds 5. Claire Keohane 6. Inniscarra 7. Ger Geary 8. Three 9. Alan 10. Dublin 11. Olan Broderick 12. Blue 13. Mark Landers 14. Twelve 15. Bill Cooper 16. Corona!! 17. 1989 18. Andrew Walsh 19. Ray Rochford 20. Kieran Lane 




Killeagh GAA Lotto every Tuesday @ 8:30pm  

Killeagh GAA Annual Golf Classic, West Waterford Golf Club - July 9th, 10th & 11th 

Killeagh GAA Summer Cúl Camp for boys and girls aged 6-13 - July 13th – 17th 

Killeagh GAA Golf Society Weekend away to Druids Glen - July 24th - 26th