Lisgoold GAA Club Notes

19 July, 2016

Lisgoold GAA Club Notes

Issue 29, 18 Jul 2016

By Séamus McSweeney, PRO, Lisgoold GAA. Contact:


Reflections on Feile 2016.

By Brendan Healy

On a sleepy Sunday night, with our Feile 2016 heroes wrapped in their own duvet and secure in their own bed, a sing - song developed somewhere in the Village. The sing song might have included some well-known and less well known rousing choruses. The sing song progressed, and, as it did, each song brought memories of a weekend of success, of joy and of pride. Here are some of those memories ….


‘’I was caught, in the middle of a railroad track. I looked around – and there was no turning back”. Thunderstruck – AC/DC

It was upstairs in the Clubhouse on Thursday that the weekend really started. The gear bags (thanks Noel & Pat) were stuffed with t-shirts, socks, knicks and each player was presented with his own personalised Feile '16 jersey by Chairman Seamus McSweeney. Training was over. Feile '15 and Cathal's heroes of Belfast were now parked in the memory bank and a whole new set of experiences were ahead. For some, this was new, Jamie O’S, Sean, Thomas, Noel & Eoin were beaming from ear to ear, while Fionn, Mark O., Jonathon and others had Belfast '15 already under their belts. Stories were shared and excitement grew. Hurleys were packed and the team of 2016 were ready to roll. The journey was taking us to Tipperary along with Glen Rovers and Whitechurch, where we would represent Cork, Imokilly and Lisgoold. Younger siblings looked on in awe - picturing their time that will surely come. No turning back now!


"If you had, one shot, one opportunity….". Lose Yourself - Eminem

The Ragg is situated about 8 km north of Thurles and the restaurant there came highly recommended by Shane (Snr). The Ragg is, really, just a crossroads. A nice one, by the way, and an important junction for our heroes at lunchtime on Friday. Pasta, chicken and soup were the fuel of choice here. With Clare & Maeve in charge, the feeding operation ran like clockwork. An army, it is said, marches on its stomach, and this Lisgoold army certainly was ready to march. The crew grew by the minute. The Santa Fe arrived with six passengers. White Van Man arrived with the medic and about a dozen stow-aways piled in. The car park overflowed with young and excited faces emerging - not knowing what was really ahead. The Lisgoold stickers were proudly on display (with one car displaying it upside down - who was that, eh?). The boys had, as Eminem would profess - "a shot - an opportunity" and off we went to see what they would make of that opportunity. Next stop - Moneygall, on the Tipperary / Offaly border.


"We're on the one road, it maybe a long road…’’ On the One Road - The Wolfe Tones

There is hardly a road in Co Tipp that we did not see. From the Offaly border in Moneygall, to the mid Tipp enclave in Castleliney. Then a long spin to Newport on the Limerick border. And back, then off to Golden, and back to Loughmore. Game 1 was against Moneygall, in Moneygall on Friday in late afternoon. Maybe it was the long day, and the excitement, or the pressure of performing in front of GAA President Aonghus O'Fearraighail (and President of the USA: Barrack Obama!!), but this turned out to be the boys' first defeat of 2016. It was a low scoring encounter where Mark H, Izaak and Cormac created chances but we never pulled away from our opponents. A late Duds point looked like levelling the outcome, but for a sucker punch from the home club to suck the air from our sails. A quick pow-wow from the brains trust (Keith, Sean, Ger, Eugene, Noel and Dan) in the dressing room, and a few positional switches saw the boys re-emerge to face Monaghan and Ulster Champions, Carrickmacross in Game 2. This time, the game faces were on. An early goal by Oisin was added to by a brace from Fionn. Resolute defending by Daniel and Shane repelled each attack by the Northerner's , and created a stream of chances for Diarmuid F and Mark O. Sean and Noel attacked each ball with a verve and gusto that illustrated determination at a new level. Thomas netted another, and the wheels were certainly back on the wagon after the earlier slip. We now knew that sleep would come easy, with a knock out against crack Tipperary side Loughmore - Castleliney to come on the morrow. It was a long road, but that big win meant that it was nicer now …

"Oh, it's just a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you….". Perfect Day - Lou Reed

Saturday dawned, bright and sunny. A perfect day for hurling. Boys were reunited with mammies, and some mammies were reunited with their memories of what (it appears) was a long night on Friday at the Hostel!! The boys were quiet in the puck around, and some observers were worried that this might have been a sign of developing tiredness. But it was a silent resolve that was on display. Jamie and Mark H, spoke in the dressing room. Ronan and Dan arrived as a perfect boost to fortunes, and were welcomed with "bonjours" all round. It looked like Lisgoold were taking this seriously, having flown their Strength & Conditioning coach in from France! Ronan was tired, Dan was not and proceeded to produce the driving performance that he is renowned for. The occasion grew bigger and better, and the pre-match parade and National Anthem seemed to add to the majesty of the occasion. This was now knock-out hurling and we faced 2014 Tipperary County Senior Hurling and Football Champions, Loughmore – Castleliney, on their patch! We knew that a quick start was vital, and we got it. A powerful fetch and delivery by James set the tone. A breaking ball was snaffled by Duds for an opening point. A goal by Izaak settled the side and we led by 2.05 to 0.02 at the short whistle. Our hosts piled on the pressure but a super cat like save by Christian repelled their attack. Cormac, Dan, Eoin and Mark H now dominated and the inside terrors continued the magic. This game was one of the most perfect performances that this young team has served up to date. How to match it was the big question. Our affable hosts waved us off to the Quarter Final with best wishes and a "see ye later". A perfect day was developing nicely...


"Here we go again, we're on the road again …". Celtic Symphony - Charlie and the Bhoys

This really became the anthem of the weekend. Leaving Moneygall, and at the end of each game, the supporters become louder, and maybe more excited. The chant grew louder as news filtered home on twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook of the boy's progress. As news reached home, and more cars pointed north, the Lisgoold home crew travelled in numbers, swelling the support and gathering encouragement on the field. Seamus & Mike Mull were in town and loving the action, and the whole buzz around the Feile weekend. As Mike Mull said himself “What a way to spend a weekend, hurling, hurling, hurling”. From Moneygall, to Castleliney, and on to Newport and Golden - we were certainly "on the road again" (and again). An All-Ireland Quarter Final was next, and again it was Tipperary opposition. Upperchurch Drombane had forged a path through their qualifiers, and were looking like winners all weekend. However, they were simply swept aside by a Herculean display by our boys. Christian was on top of his game, Luke and Shane defended like dervishes, ably supported by Jonathon, Daniel and Sean who worked their socks off. Izaak punished every misdemeanour. The twin terrors of Duds and Oisin linked well and scored freely and Jamie powered the midfield in a Brian Corcoran like performance. This was a huge win, and the score line probably flattered our opponents who made the short journey home, while we prepared for an All-Ireland Semi Final. News came through that All Cork teams had qualified , with ourselves and Glen Rovers in Semi Final action at 7.30pm and Whitechurch in their Quarter Final at 6.00pm. Cork hurling was doing very well indeed at Feile '16. So, off to Golden, "we're on the road again …”


"Skies are blinking at me, I see a storm brewing up from the sea - and it's comin”. Closer - Kings of Leon

Al Pacino famously spoke of "inches". Brian Gavin found additional time from somewhere in September '13. Inches, and seconds make the difference. The clock read 1 minute 43 seconds into injury time and we led by a point in the All-Ireland Semi Final against crack Dublin side Raheny. The Dublin super-Club has more members than there are people living in the entire Lisgoold catchment area. We were under the cosh but holding out when disaster struck. We had started well, in torrential rain. We created chances and were holding our bigger, stronger opponents at bay. Mark H, Jamie and Luke stood tall. James, Daniel and Cormac were immense. Diarmuid F., Noel and all our forwards defended as if their young lives depended on it. Izaak and Mark H., goaled and we led by four at the short whistle. Our opponents piled on the pressure and we repelled it well. The clock dripped agonisingly into injury time and we had another chance. A short strike at goal was cleared long by their 'keeper and set in train a sequence of events that Hollywood horror writers would find it hard to better . "Cannot believe this - still shaking" read the Raheny GAA Twitter account later. A goal for the Dublin Champions, and we were out. No time left to respond. No chance for our team to reach the pinnacle that they richly deserved. No time! Raheny marched on to an All-Ireland Final, and the sportsmanship they displayed towards our supporters, players and mentors was a credit to their Club. As they planned for their Final, our sodden heroes went off to wash their weary bodies and teary faces. Gerry gathered the sliothars for one last time. Sean gathered the forest of spare hurleys for one last time, and the fantastic Lisgoold supporters roundly cheered a fantastic series of performances - one last time. Then our weary boys bowed out of Feile '16. For some, they have next year (and the year after for three!). Those overage next year have memories and pride in both collective and individual performance. Close, and closer.

"You're simply the best...". Simply the Best - Tina Turner

What a wonderful people our hosts in the famous Loughmore-Castleiney GAA Club are. A fantastic welcome on Saturday, followed by a brilliant game against their young heroes. Fabulous host families who looked after our boys so well. A sumptuous spread of curry, rice, potatoes, salads and pasta on Saturday. A passionate speech by Noel and John McGrath on Saturday - two lads who gave their time generously on the eve of Tipp v Limerick. Another feast of cakes and goodies late on Saturday. A beautiful presentation for "Player of the Tournament" - Oisin. This Club - and its people - are an inspiration - they are, quite simply - The Best!

“Give him a ball and a yard of grass, he'll show you a move with a perfect pass". Give him a Ball - Sultans of Ping FC.

The game is all about the ball, and what our fellas did with it was amazing. Christian connected with his puck out target with 92% of his puck outs. Daniel, Jonathan, Shane and Luke each kept their immediate opponent scoreless over the weekend. Diarmuid F's pass for Thomas' goal v Carrickmacross. Fionn's goals against the same team. James' relieving clearances against Upperchurch-Drombane. Oisin's point into the wind against Loughmore-Castleiney. Izaak's quick thinking, and brilliantly executed reaction goal v Loughmore -Castleiney. Mark O's brilliant block and interception for a crucial score against Moneygall. Jamie's unbelievable fielding against Upperchurch - Drombane. Duds' catch and turn against Loughmore -Castleiney. Mark H's save v Raheny. Cormac's lung bursting runs deep into opposition territory all weekend. Give these fellas a ball, eh...?

"We've got a brand new convoy …". Trucker - Kris Kristopherson

Saturday night muddied its way into a wet and heavy Sunday morning. Tears were gone, and chests swelled with pride after a job well done. Cars pointed south. Familiar C registrations were spotted en route in Cloughjordan, Templemore, Thurles and all points along the M8 and the N22. The last convoy of the weekend brought our warriors home safe and sound. Noel McGrath said, on Saturday "I will be playing Senior Hurling with and against some of these boys in a few short years”. It seemed like the end of a journey, but it really is just the start!!

"Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour ....". Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

As the sing-song in the village crept to a finale, all thoughts turned back the clock to a mystical, magical weekend, and those who were there wondered if it really happened at all? Did we beat Loughmore - Castleiney? Who is Pocahontas? Who put the Lisgoold sticker on upside down? Who scored two goals against Carrickmacross? Who got lost on the way from Newport and missed the curry? Who got the goals against Upperchurch-Drombane? Who was the Olympic athlete who was "legless" on Saturday night? Who was Player of the Tournament, for you? Which parent was the pool shark (clue - we know where Noel gets his on-field cuteness from!)? Which mentor (hint - maybe a medical man...?) had a "tutu image”? Who was the mentor poet whose monologue calmed and entertained the masses on Saturday in the Hotel? Who had to sing a song in The Clough to be allowed get out of the pub? Does Gerry own a time travel machine? It might just explain how he arrives EVERYWHERE first? How good was that Carrickmacross goalie? And how good were Thomas and Fionn to rattle those goals past him? Did Cathy buy Keith a book on "Sport Psychology and Motivational Quotes" before the weekend? It might just explain the five speeches in 24 hours! Which parent clocked 656 km in the car over the weekend? Who found the tension in the closing minutes against Raheny so unbearable that she could not watch, and had to go behind the stand? Which mentor loved the egg sandwiches? How excited was one mentor to be introduced as "The Big Chief”? And, as the selectors pillows beckoned late on Sunday, there was another question in their heads - where is Feile next year?


A big thank you to Brendan Healy, for a fantastic summary of our memories of our Feile 2016 adventure. While the memories may fade over time for us, we will all look back with pride when these memories are rekindled, when we pull this little gem from the archive box from time to time in the years ahead.


Our heroes of 2016 were:

Christian Howard, Jonathon Kelleher, Luke Thompson, Shane Byrne, Daniel Buckley, James O’Driscoll, Dan Power, Mark Hegarty, Cormac Hallahan, Diarmuid Fitzpatrick, Jamie Browne, Mark O’Keefe, Fionn McSweeney, Izaak Walsh, Oisin Shanahan, Diarmuid Healy, Noel O’Driscoll, Thomas Murphy, Sean Murphy, Eoin Holden, Jamie O’Sullivan


Junior Round-Up.

The hurling team is continuing preparations for the forthcoming tie with Fr. O’Neill’s this coming Sunday (Jul 24th). The venue is Cloyne with a 7 PM throw-in. Please come out and support the lads.


Cork Senior Hurling Championship.

Best of luck to Ciaran Cronin and the Imokilly team who play Douglas this Tues in the senior hurling championship. Well done to john Cronin and John Cashman who were involved as CIT progress to the next round after a high scoring encounter with Muskerry.


Juvenile Round Up



25/07/16 U12C Hurling League. Lisgoold vs Grenagh at 19:30 (away).

20/07/16. U16 C Football League. 19:30 Brian Dillons vs Lisgoold Tank Field


Lisgoold GAA Lotto Jackpot of €20,000 remains up for grabs!

Lisgoold GAA Lotto Draw Numbers, Jul 12th. Numbers: 1, 25, 28, 29: No Winner. €20: Pat Tattan, Maura Desmond, Theresa Deehan, Rose McCarthy. Next Draw: Tuesday 19th July 9:30pm. The main Jackpot is now at €20,000 and the reserve Lotto stands at €3,400


County Board Lotto Draw

You can now buy a ticket for the remaining 3 Draws for €20. Anyone interested in joining please contact either Patrick O’Mahony (086) 3006510, John Joe Regan (086) 3327642 or Liam Walsh (087) 6953312 if interested; also any monies outstanding please contact the above.


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