Proposals for the Senior, Premier Intermediate and Intermediate Championship from 2016

14 November, 2015

Proposals for the Senior, Premier Intermediate and Intermediate Championship from 2016.

Following a consultation process undertaken by the CCC that included meetings with -

Under 21 A clubs
Senior Hurling and Football clubs
Divisional Officers
Premier Intermediate and Intermediate Clubs
Junior ‘B’ Clubs
A survey the Captains of each of the Clubs that participated in this year's competitions at Senior, Premier Intermediate, Intermediate Championships. 

Email submissions were received from Douglas, Killeagh and Strategic Review Committee Games Sub-committee.  

The Executive of Coiste Chontae Chorcaí wish to propose the following changes to the County Championship from 2016 to 2019 with a review after the 2017 season.

The suggested format is based on a proposal by the Meelin and Rockchapel clubs at the meeting of the Premier Intermediate and Intermediate clubs. This format was based on the current 16 club Championships. 

It has been adjusted to cater for Championships with more than 16 teams, as is the case with the Senior Championships where the Divisions and Colleges Clubs are catered for. 

This proposed format is as follows:


 Senior Championships Format

All Clubs, including the Third Level clubs and Divisions would be placed in an open draw for Round 1 of the Senior Hurling and Football Championships. 
Round 2 to be split into 2 A winners of Round 1. Round 2 B would be for losers of Round 1. Teams defeated in Round 2 B, i.e. teams that have lost two games would be eliminated from the Championship. 
The remaining rounds of the Championship are outlined at the bottom of this document.
The competition would take approximately 41 games to complete in Football and 38/39 in Hurling. This year’s senior Championships took 42 in Football (including replays) and 35 in hurling (including replays)
The Round by Round format for this championship is on page 4

Premier Intermediate Championships Format

The format for a 16-team championship as outlined above gives every Club a minimum of two Championship games. The Current format takes 29 games (minimum) to complete. The new format takes 27 games to complete. 

Intermediate Championships Format

It is proposed to give the option to current Senior and Premier Intermediate Clubs, with a large number of players in densely populated catchment areas to enter their second teams in the Intermediate Championship grade. This is considered necessary to allow more players a chance play at a higher level which will ultimately will benefit Cork teams. 
Clubs that take up the option will have to, 

Undertake to remain in the championship for a minimum of three years. 
Undertake to enter an extra team in their divisional championship by year two. This will ensure more players have an opportunity to play regular games.

The draw format would be similar to the Senior Championship format with adjustments to allow for odd numbers. Round 1 to be an open draw. Round 2, with byes if necessary, for the losers of Round 1 to bring the championship down to 16 teams.  Round 3 to follow previously circulated format.

24 teams – suggested format (Senior Championship)


Every team guaranteed two Championship games – R1 winners are guaranteed three. 


The current process of relegation is to be put aside for four years, with a two-year review of the effect of this change. It is envisaged the clubs that lose in Round 1 and Round 2 in any year would play off until two clubs remain without a win. Clubs failing to win any Championship games in successive years, or two years out of three, would be subject to, 

1) Re-grading, 

3) The club voluntarily asking to be re-graded.

It should be understood there will be re-grading of clubs from the end of 2017. If it transpires the numbers in a particular grade, or the grades, are expanding without a positive benefit to the Championships, an automatic relegation system will be reintroduced at the time of the 2017 review.


Clubs that lose in Round 1 and Round 2 in any year would play off until two clubs remain without a win. 
Any club in this situation for two successive years, or two years out of three, would be re-graded to the next lower grade.
Divisional sides that are not competitive i.e. fail to win a game in two successive years, may also be asked to step down from the Championship for a period of one year. 
Any Division that withdraws from the Championship will not be allowed to re-enter the Championship for three years. 
Clubs may be re-graded voluntarily at the end of any year. 

Holiday Break

It is proposed that two-week holiday break be built into the Club Championship Programme. The two-week period would begin on the Munster Football Final and weekend of the Munster Hurling Championship final (as the current Inter-county Programme is scheduled). The holiday period would run from Saturday of Week 1 to Friday of Week 2. The Current proposal is based on the 2015 Inter County Games dates. 
Championship games could be played during that two-week period, if both clubs are in agreement to play. 
This proposal would be subject to review if the Inter-County Programme were altered significantly.

Junior B Championships

Arising from of the meeting with the Junior ‘B’ clubs, it was agreed the current Open Championship for Junior ‘B’ Clubs only, will start a little earlier to avoid, where possible, the situation of dual clubs playing different codes in successive weeks. The clubs expressed satisfaction with the Hurling format. Possible changes to the format of the Football will be discussed again at the Executive shortly.

The new Divisional Champions Junior ‘B’ Championship had a successful inaugural year in 2015. This competition will be reviewed as part of the next Championship Review.

Under -21 ‘A’ County Championship

The teams the participated in the 2015 Under-21 ‘A’ Championship are to be written to and asked if they be interested in taking part in an All-County straight knockout Championship in 2016 and 2017.