Lisgoold GAA Notes

01 July, 2015

Junior A Hurling Championship First Round

Lisgoold 1-16 (19) Killeagh 2-11 (17)

At Castlemartyr  19th June 2015


A great result for our juniors, as they soared to a two point win against a determined and wily Killeagh side. They played in a very spirited and determined manner in damp miserable conditions, which was a shame considering the good weather we had recently. We had an excellent start with John Cashman opening the scoring; however we were in for a battle as Killeagh upped their game. The majority of the first half was a battle as Killeagh set out their stall with a good game plan, which was designed to frustrate Lisgoold and maximise their scoring potential. Killeagh struck for the first green flag and tagged a few points afterwards after 13 minutes. Thanks to their great team ethic we were put to the pin of our collar for this match. Our defence of Patrick, Brendan, Andrew and Cathal were holding firm. With Cashie constantly threatening and scoring some lovely points, we were doing fine. In the 23rd minute we witnessed a great move, a combination of young Rian Hogan (who was outstanding), Bryan Sullivan and Denis O’Brien led the latter for a minor. It was tit for tat for the remainder of the half with John McCarthy beginning to get into the game. However it was Killeagh who were ahead 1-6 to 0-7.

In the second half though we saw disaster struck, in the 44th minute Killeagh with four points tagged over to our three and we looked in trouble. They then struck with fifteen minutes to go, as a sloppy second goal was conceded, which made it 2-10 to 0-10. However sport is known not to build character but to reveal it, here a virtuoso display from John Cronin, the relentless Rian Hogan and the superb John Cashman saw Lisgoold start a wonderful comeback. We saw some super play from Bryan O’Sullivan, Kieran Cashman and Cathal Cashman hereafter. The turning point of this encounter came in the 49th minute with the score at 2-10 to 0-12 to Killeagh, A long hopeful ball was pumped in but the quick-silver Denis O’Brien was there to pounce to close the gap to one. We then saw John Cashman making the difference as he put over some super points from very difficult angles. However, we were not out of the woods as Killeagh came storming back and provided a frantic finish. We had to sit through to six minutes injury time, but eventually the final whistle blew. Relief, joy and great satisfaction was enjoyed by players and supporters alike as we got through the first round.

Whilst John Cashman and John Cronin would deserve the praise of everyone for their display, one feels Rian Hogan was Lisgoold’s best player on the day. His work rate, eagerness and wiliness to fight for every single ball, and the fact it was debut at junior level would suggest he had a wonderful game.

It wasn’t a bad performance and with our faith in the hands of the East Cork Board as they draw out the names Wednesday night we just have to get keep this momentum going and take the challenge head on, as a club we must make sure we all get behind them as the Donal’s ship continues its journey in search of Jamesy.

Team: Ciarán Cronin, Andrew Donovan, Cathal Cashman, Brednan Flynn, Bryan O’Sullivan, John Cronin, Patrick O’Mahony, Moss O’Connell, Rob Smart, Rian Hogan, John McCarthy, Kieran Cashman, Denis O’Brien John Cashman, Jamie Woods

Subs: Ciaran O’Shea for Jamie Woods.

Referee: Michael Walsh (St.Catherines).

Feile 2015

At the same weekend our U14 hurlers gave a wonderful display in the Feile 2015, where they came up short in the quarter-final against St. Martins of Kilkenny. Here is a poetic, detailed report of their adventure from the charismatic Brendan Healy.

Shortly after the final whistle of Feile Corcaigh in Ballincollig, the plans kicked in. Tickets were sold. Sponsorship raised. Boys were measured for gear and many other pieces of paraphernalia in anticipation of the trip to Belfast. At 4.10 pm on Friday 19 June 2015, our captain Cathal Hickey shook hands with his Portaferry equivalent, Lorcan McStreddige, and won the toss in the opening game of Feile 2015. We were finally here. By 5 O’clock, we topped the group, after a solid and historic victory, and would now face a hugely talented Galway County Champion side, Kilconiron, who would ultimately go on to win the All-Ireland Championship. Our boys gave a wonderful performance and lost nothing in a gallant defeat in a game regarded by many at Feile 2015 as one of the best games of the Tournament. After a well deserved sleep, our boys would face our hosts, Naomh Eoin, early on Saturday for a place in the All-Ireland Quarter Final. Playing with a swashbuckling style and a confident composed game-plan, we wound up with a solid victory, and the journey continued. Defeat was our outcome against St Martins of Kilkenny, but the beaming smiles of

pride from parents and supporters told the story that this was a journey of immense satisfaction from everyone involved. Our history making panel of players were;

Evan Manning, Stephen Roe, Luke Walsh, Shane Byrne, James O’Driscoll, Robbie Kinnane, Declan O’Brien, Liam Walsh, Izaak Walsh, Cathal Hickey, Mark O’Keefe, Cormac Hallahan, Daniel Buckley, Fionn McSweeney, Jamie Browne, Oisin Shanahan, Jonathon Kelleher, Luke Thompson, Diarmuid Healy, Mark Hegarty, Sayef Ziad, Diarmuid Fitzpatrick, Dan Power, Sean Murphy & Dylan O’Shea

The A to Z of Feile 2015, with many memories, in alphabetical order ...

A is for ... Andy. Andy was the first to greet us on driving in the blue gates off Whiterock Road. "Failte go Naomh Eoin" Andy said with a smile, and that smile was replicated on hundreds of occasions from lunchtime on Friday until our departure on Sunday. But, in truth, there were dozens of "Andy’s", who served us tea, who made the sandwiches, who looked after the boys, and who greeted and treated us like family over the weekend. Andy, and all the Andy's made our weekend. The "Failte go Naomh Eoin" was a huge Failte indeed and featured a kindness and generosity that was hard to beat.

B is for ... Boot. Norma's jeep had a boot that seemed to defy the laws of physics. Hilary and Norma's planning seemed to have taken on herculean proportions. Every time the boot opened, another treasure trove of goodies appeared. Jaffa’s, Chocolate, Crisps, Snacks of every colour, hue and taste. Sandwiches, enough fruit to satisfy the "five-a-day" requirements of the entire population of East Belfast and its wider catchment area. Even a birthday cake appeared from, the famous boot. B is also for Bewley’s, the first stop on the Friday. A 7 am start made for a few blinky eyes in the foyer of the Newlands Cross Hotel for "team breakfast", where the fruit bar seemed to be a very attractive proposition for a team readying itself for the battles ahead. The team program was distributed also at Bewley’s where, having digested the rashers, we digested the information contained there, like the fact that Mark O’Keefe's favourite sporting hero is Tony McCoy ( I hear he is dad's favourite also Mark ! ) and that a number of players nominated each other as "best player I played with". No collusion there, lads, eh??

C is for ... Captain Fantastic. C is for Colossus. C is for Cathal. Cathal was our leader, legend and playing supremo in Belfast, our Captain was a whirling inspiration to those around him. He took on, and defeated the best that Kilkenny, Galway and Ulster could throw at him, and influenced and inspired his colleagues to supreme heights of performance.

D is for ... Doctor Dan. Our hero of the weekend. Water carrier, medical guru, courier, chauffeur, late-night confidant and all round nice guy, who still found time to keep up to date with Shane Lowery's progress in Chambers Bay. Dan was our go-to guy who met every request with a smile and delivered, in spades every time. Doctor Dan will stick, I think!! Not forgetting of course Nora, who tended to the knocks, bangs and bruises of the boys on the field of play over the weekend.

D is also for Defence. Every great team is built on a solid defence and ours certainly also was, with no doubt. Stephen and Liam were impassable in the corners while Robbie and Luke W shared the full back duties. Daniel was super at both ends of the pitch while Shane was a phenomenon at wing back, clearing ball after ball, and holding his direct opponent scoreless through the tournament across our four games. James worked tirelessly, hooking, blocking, and harassing his opponents and even donned the keeper’s jersey at one point to help the cause.

E is for ... Exquisite. So, we are a goal down to Galway Champions Kilconiron, but we are dominating all the exchanges, in our group game late on Saturday, and we are pushing for more scores. We've narrowed their lead from eight points to three, and we're hammering on their rear-guard. A great ball from Cathal reaches the edge of the '21 and Duds is on it in a flash, and, in a blink, picks, turns and strikes and the next time the poor 'keeper sees it is as he's readying to puck it out - and the sides are level. The Goal of the Tournament, as judged by many.

F is for ... Falls Road. Our hosts are a proud people, and this was certainly evident on our historic walking tour of the neighbourhood from which Naomh Eoin attracts their playing population. A fantastic insight into the social, cultural and political landscape which has shaped the area, its Club and its people was a fascinating hour well spent in the company of an informative, entertaining, witty and evocative host.

G is for ... Gallons. With thermometers peaking at 26.5 degrees during the Kilconiron game on Saturday, the water reserves were dipped into again and again and again. Water carrier’s reservists Daniel, Nathan, Adam, Kane, Aine and Sarah supplemented the overworked side-line stewards in replenishing the thirsty troops on the field while the thirsty troops on the bank consumed bottle after bottle after bottle of the required liquid. There are 20,783 gallons of water required to fill an Olympic size swimming pool, and if the Sports Council ever decide to build one of these in our East Cork townland, we'll surely know what that amount of water looks like after our consumption over the Feile weekend.

H is for ... History. The first score ever recorded by a Lisgoold player in National Feile Na nGael - Declan. The First Goal - Duds. The First Victory - vs. Portaferry. History makers, from number 1 to number 19 in the sunshine of Belfast, June 2015

I is for ... Imagination. So. Our corner forward breaks his favourite Hurley in battle. Across the handle - it's shattered, and he is devastated! Worried about how he'll do without his weapon of choice, he approaches our Master Craftsman; Liam Walsh (Walshie) The result is a coming together of Imagination, Craftsmanship and Genius. First the glue is applied, then requiring a pressure to seal the bond, with 'nere a vice in sight, the family Hyundai Sante Fe is called into service, and is reversed onto the sealed Hurley, thus forming the tight bond necessary to complete the repair. 40 minutes later, the corner forward repays the Craftsman with three points against Naomh Eoin, to thank him in the best way possible. Anyone who has seen the pictures of this repair on Social Media will be amazed at the ingenuity and imagination shown to create yet another story of Feile 2015. I is also for Izaak, who terrorized his opponents with a wizard like magic over our four games.

J is for ... Jonathan. This young man was a pleasure to be around. A horrific facial injury in a game v St. Colman’s early on Feile week threw his northern trip into doubt, but showing bravery beyond his years, Jonathon played a crucial role in our victories, capped with a brilliant individual goal against Portaferry his personal highlight. J is also for Jerseys. A colour clash in our opener saw us change into the candy-stripe jerseys of Imokilly, delaying the debut of the new Azzuri kit. A quiz question for the future, perhaps - "what colours did Lisgoold wear in their first ever National Feile na nGael game”?

K is for ... Knicks. The parable of loaves and fishes will surely be replaced with the parable of gear provided by the Feile Committee to the players. Presentation night was a great event , with the boys being individually presented with their Knicks, socks, rain jackets, more socks, their own personal individual commemorative Feile '15 Jersey, more socks, 12's and a beautiful personalised gear bag.

L is for ... Long Puc, organised by our hosts for the Naomh Eoin and Lisgoold players, where Evan and Duds reached the final in the fading light, after which Evan came home with a beautiful trophy to add to his numerous memories. L is also for Luke, of whom we had two; Luke W was a colossus at full back, repelling all comers throughout, while Luke T capped a really solid weekend with a superb point from an impossible angle against the Down Champions.

M is for ... "Missed ye lads”. Our team would not have qualified for this historic event without the qualifying round victories where Mark Hegarty, Dylan, Sean, Dan, Diarmuid Fitzpatrick, Sayef and Ronan all played leading roles. The team, supporters and players all missed ye lads.

N is for ... Niiiiiiiiiice. The sweltering heat of O'Donnell’s pitch, and the exhaustion of a terrific panel of players as well as a group of emotionally drained parents and friends, was soon faced with a series of difficult choices. Mint, Chocolate or Vanilla? Flake or Sprinkles ? Grateful hands grasped the coolant. Dried lips slowly devoured the creamed goodness, and the bonding of a remarkable travelling group reached another high.

O is for ... "... Of the tournament". Lisgoold have been well served with many loyal, and fantastic bearers of the #1 jersey, but none can surely have matched the save made by Evan against the Galway Champions. A mix up in our defence saw the opposing danger man bear down on goal and drive a blistering shot towards the corner from a point blank range. But with the agility of a gazelle, the bravery of a lion and the reflexes of a puma, the young Lisgoold lad made a remarkable stop that only those privileged to have been in attendance can surely have believed Save of the Tournament, without a doubt.

P is for ... Portaferry. County Down U14 Champions, and our first ever opponents at National Feile Na nGael. They were also the first team we would beat at National Feile Na nGael, as after a sketchy opening, our boys settled and ran out comfortable victors. Declan, Luke T, Duds, Oisin, Cathal, Jonathan and Izaak wrote their names in the record books with a flurry of scores as the long journey both geographically and in playing terms was fulfilled with a famous victory.

Q is for ... Quarter Final. Having successfully qualified from the "Group of Death" containing the Galway County Champions (and eventual outright All-Ireland National Feile Champions ) as well as the Down and Antrim representatives , we now faced an All-Ireland Quarter Final against Kilkenny's finest, St Martins, a side bristling with talent. St Martins took the initiative early on with a goal borne of a tad of fortune, but our boys battled well to trail by four at the short whistle.

Showing huge respect to their little known Cork opponents, St. Martins packed their defence and withheld the Lisgoold onslaught to hold out. St Martins would eventually reach the All-Ireland Final where they would play our Group opponents Kilconiron

R is for ... Raffle. Our hosts, Naomh Eoin ran a raffle, selling tickets for the past three months to raise funds for their Club (we know what that's like!!). First

prize was a pair of All Ireland Tickets. As guests, we of course bought a ticket or two, but amazement ensued when our own Clare Buckley won First Prize, adding another layer of enjoyment, excitement and fun to the entire Buckley family weekend. Hope you enjoy Clare. R is also for Roscommon girls. The Four Roads Feile camogie team seemed to turn a few of our lad’s heads over the weekend, and maybe more than one friendship was formed!

S is for ... Smile. There were many reasons to smile over this historic weekend, but the biggest, and most constant, was Fionn, especially every time the starting team was announced for each game. Fionn's enthusiasm, warmth and genuine affection was infectious to all around. S is also for Sunburn, which seemed to affect Keith's forehead and Liam O'K's legs in equal measure. S is also for Stars, as seen by Shane (Snr) after his head and the concrete dugout met in a forceful collision. Thankfully Keith, Liam and Shane were able to withstand the pain to cheer their son’s and the team to great successes.

T is for ... Tomato. The Saturday BBQ was a huge treat. Boys, parents and families were well fed from a vast array of expertly grilled goodies and a healthy array of fresh salad. But the real treat was the addition of the grilled prime rich, fresh and juicy tomato to the succulent cheeseburgers. Bravo chef! T is also for Twins. Birthday boy Robbie and Jamie were inseparable throughout the weekend, enriching the company of anyone lucky enough to be in their company, and always with a devilish smile that entranced our hosts and travelling support alike. Their goal - scoring ability added a huge dimension, especially in the victory over Naomh Eoin.

U is for ... Umbrella. With the majestic hills of North East Belfast towering over Pairc Corrigan, and a humid and warm summer day stretching ahead of us, it was no surprise to see a scattering of rain over the few days. This, however, did not dampen the spirits of the travelling history makers or the welcoming locals who took whatever the weather gods afforded us with a relaxed approach, meaning those brollies were not needed for too long at all.

V is for ... Victories. Is this what it's all about? Maybe! Wins over Portaferry and Naomh Eoin propelled us to an All-Ireland National Feile Na nGael Cup Quarter Final. So, pressure is on our 2016 Feile Team to go a step further, maybe?

W is for ... "What goes on tour - stays on tour" - so no one might ever find out the answers to these conundrums, like ... "Who slept in the corridor in Ballymac", "Which Under Age coach revealed a life-long love of Hip Hop", "Which Coach had his own Guardian Angel to watch his dietary requirements

over the weekend" or "Which player was the breakfast juggler in Bewley’s”? Some of what goes on tour will surely stay on tour.

X is for ...There's no X in team! OK, a little cheat here, but the old saying that all success is team, and not individual could never be truer. The entire panel of players are part of a fantastic team. The supporters bonded as a team. Our Management Team of Liam, Paudie, Stephen, Ger & Noel were magnificent over the weekend. Our wounded warrior Cormac showed how much the team, and team-mates meant to him in an act of unity and togetherness in playing a key role over the weekend, on and off the field. Hilary and Norma led the team magnificently, and our supporters at home, following on Social Media, sent numerous messages of support that were really appreciated. This was a real "Team Lisgoold" effort - and there's no I (or X) in Team Lisgoold!

Y is for ... Yawning gap. Our final group game was against hosts Naomh Eoin to ascertain which team progressed to the National Feile na nGael Cup Quarter Final, and our boys slowly but surely turned the screw in a comfortable victory where goals by Oisin, Robbie and Jamie put the icing on the cake and deservedly qualify our team for an encounter with crack Kilkenny foes St Martins. Here we got a mere glimpse of the skill & speed of the wounded warrior Cormac, and we all look forward to seeing him back from injury, when the serious business of championship begins later in the year.

Z is for ...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - after a round trip of 1,218 kilometres, two hours of match time, an All-Ireland Quarter Final and more memories to last a lifetime, sleep was surely not hard to come by in the houses of the little, and not so little, History Makers in Lisgoold on Sunday night.

Lisgoold GAA Golf Classic 2015

Report on this will be provided next week…

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JFL Division 1 Lisgoold vs. Ballinacurra (Home).

JFL Division 1 Lisgoold vs. Midleton (Away).

JFL Division 1 Lisgoold vs. Carrigtwohill (Home).

JFL Division 3 Lisgoold vs. Carrignavar (Home).

JHL Division 1 Lisgoold vs. Dungourney (Home).

JHL Division 1 Lisgoold vs. Midleton (Away).

JHL Division 4 Lisgoold vs. St. Catherines (Home).

JHL Division 4 Lisgoold vs. Castlemartyr (Home).

JHL Division 4 Lisgoold vs. Bride Rvs (Away).

JHL Division 4 Lisgoold vs. St.Itas (Away).


JCHC Quarter-final Lisgoold vs. Sarsfields

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