Glenville GAA Notes

02 February, 2015

Lotto results

Winning Numbers on the night were 15, 17, 21&28. No winner of the jackpot

Small cash prize winners were Sean Bowen, Tom Collins, Martin Purcell and Richard Power

Next week jackpot is 2000.


This was a joint fundraising event organise by the members of the Watergrasshill and Glenville GAA clubs. Preparation all began back in September when the two GAA clubs came up with the idea the having a boxing fundraising event. Many weeks of planning preparation and hard training went into this. Team Thomas who was in conjunction with us for the fight night let us use their facilities to train for the event. Many of people volunteered to box on the night after many weeks of hard training that contained blood sweet and tears the boxers were well prepared for the big night which took place in the Radisson hotel on January 30th. There were 12 fights in store for those who turned up on the night. Over 600 people turned up on the night to watch the big event as the boxers waited in their dressing room to fight. The first round was Paud the rock O’Neill and Ciarn TK O’Neill both boxers put up a great fight but in the end Ciarn TK O’Neill was the eventual winner. Round 2 it was Steve the king of the hill Cronin V Kevin the bomb O’Donovan again both boxers put up a great fight and in the end Kevin the Bomb O’Donovan took the victory. Round 3 was the turn of Eoin the Big Bang Barry and Noel Bowler Cahill to take the ring it was a magnificent fight both went punch for punch but it was Eoin the Big Bang Barry who took the victory. In round 4 it was Bernard Barney Hammer Rubble Kiernan and his opponent Willie Hammer O’Leary to take the ring both put up a great contest but the tie swung in favour of Willie Hammer O’Leary. Round 5 saw the first of the girls up it was Avril Fury Heffernan and Jeniffer Thomas take the ring both girls put up a great fight especial Avril who was only 17 but the victory went to Jenifer Thomas. Round 6 it was Jason the power Foley and Paudi sidestep Cahill both boxer gave it their all in which was a very tight match put unfortunately Paudi Sidestep Cahill picked up an injury in round 2 so the victory went to Jason the power Foley. Round 7

it was paddy the Draft O’Leary and Sean the cowboy O’Callaghan turn to take the ring by far this was the best fight of the night both going at full speed and giving it all a draw felt the right result but it was Sean the cowboy O’Callaghan take the victory.

Then they was a fifteen minute break for people to get a light snack and a ice cool drink from the bar but before the final 6 fights took play it was time for a Raffle there were loads of great prizes given out on the night. Then it was the back to the boxing and round 8 and it was the second of the girls up Jackie the rocked Ryan and Michelle Tyson Sheehan both put on an excellent display and it was very hard to call but the winner was Michelle Tyson Sheehan in round 9 it was the last of the girls Grace Mc Namara and Fionnuala Ding Dong Dore both girls put up a great fight but the victory went to Grace McNamara.

Round 10 was the turn of Colm Big Man Fenton and Cathal Cruncher Maloney take to the battle field as both boxer went at it full swing from the start but Colm the BIG Man Fenton took the victory. Then it was the turn of Brian Big Bang Fenton and Denis

Haggz Hegarty in round 11 both put on a brilliant display for the crowd as it was hard to call a winner but it was Brian Big Bang Fenton who took the victory then it was down to the last two fights of the night. Brendan Money Maloney and Michael the King Kennedy squared up to each other in round 11 both gave it their all but unfortunately in round 1 Brendan money Maloney picked up an injury so the victory went to Michael the king Kennedy.

Then the fight that everyone was waiting for Brian Dangerous O’Leary and Billy the Kid Loftus squared up in which was the fight of the night both went at it full belt with some great punches the crowd were on their feet cheering on both boxers but after a might battle in the ring it was Brian Dangerous O’Leary who took the victory round up a great night in the Radisson.

Match Results League, Tom Creedon, and Dick Cahill cup,

The Glenville under 21 footballers kicked off their season on the 4th of January in the opening round of the Dick Cahill cup tournament both teams gave a great performance but the lads were unlucky to be beaten on the day to a strong mallow side 3-12 to 1-8 the final score. Two weeks later the lads rectified themselves with a win the plate side of the competition with a home victory against a dogged Mayfield side both teams played a very good game of Gaelic football and that lads came out three point winners at the end 1-11 to 0-11 they will now play passage in the quarter final in the coming weeks.

The intermediate footballers stared off their campaign with a positive win in the first round of the Tom Creedon cup against Glanmire winning on a score line of 2-7 to 0-3 points. The lads suffered defeat in the quarter final stage against a strong kiskeam side at home.

The Glenville minor footballers started off their season in the premier 2 grade with a comfortable win against a dogged Glanmire side away the lads played an excellent game of Gaelic football winning on a score line of 3-15 to 3-05.

Upcoming fixtures

Premier 2 under 13 FBL V Midleton Friday February 6th at home @18:30pm

Intermediate FBL V Glanworth sun February 8th at home @12:00pm

Next edition of the club newsletter will be out on Sunday February 8th.


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