Dancing in Scór na bPaistí Rules


The following are the rules for the Dancing at Scór na bPáistí.

Rince Aonair

1.Competition is open to dancers participating in the figure and set dance competitions.
2. Ideally dancers should not have more than two years experience.
3. Dancers must perform the beginner form of the reel e.g. 2/4 or 4/4 time in soft shoes only.
4. Dancers are not permitted to perform any intricate dance movements such as rocks, swivels, etc
or as deemed by adjudicator as too advanced for competition.
5. Dancers are to dance only 40 bars of music with an 8 bar introduction. Therefore a dancer may
perform a lead round of 8 threes, sidestep of sevens and step on right and left and second step on
right foot only.
6. Dancers will also be adjudicated on their timing with music, posture, stance and overall carriage.
7. Dancers will also be adjudicated on the positioning of footwork.
8. Dancers may not dance any advanced movements.
9. Adjudication is based solely on the technical ability of the individual and not the type of step and
dancers deemed to be performing more advanced steps or movements may not be adjudicated on
that basis and therefore disqualified.

Ceol Aonair

.Competitors in the Ceol Uirlise foirne are eligible to participate in this competition.
2.Each competitor shall perform one tune on the instrument of their choice.
3. Slow airs are acceptable.

Rince Sean-Nós

1.This competition is intended for Traditional Style Sean-Nós dancing.
2.Each competitor shall perform a routine of jig, reel or hornpipe in Sean-Nós mode not lasting more
than three minutes.
3.No tips or built-up shoes allowed.
4.No props of any kind allow
5.Each competitor is responsible for providing their own music.
6.The adjudicator / adjudicators’ decision is
7.Failure to comply with the above may lead to disqualification.